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Cluster Definition and Objectives
20:13:50 - 2017/27/04
Michael Porter, who is recognized as the founder of industrial cluster Concept, defines the cluster: "Clusters are geographic concentration of interconnected businesses and associated institutions in a particular field"

United Nations Industrial Development Organization (UNIDO) defines industrial cluster

as:" Geographic and economic concentration of manufacturing activities which produce and sell a domain of interrelated and complementary products, hence they have common problems and opportunities. The aforementioned concentration gives rise to economic advantages including the necessity of formation of specialized distribution system of raw materials and parts or growth of experienced human resources in a specialized producing sections and promotion

of specialized technical, managerial and financial services."

Cluster Objectives

According to statistical analysis of more than 500 clusters throughout the globe, different objectives have been mentioned for enterprises that intend to take part in an industrial cluster. They are spilt into six discrete classes as the following:

1.Networking all enterprises and conducting common studies;

2.Using politic instructions;

3.Forming inter-institutional commercial interactions;

4.Optimum using of proper education and

training tools to meet enterprises' requirements;

5.Employing innovations and technologies of other enterprises;

6.Using interests due to more development of clusters.

In the case of realization of at least 4 objectives out of six ones in a certain cluster, a hopeful future would be predicted for that cluster. In the same direction, for developing industrial clusters various countries define one or more classes as their main objective to form cluster and other objectives will be considered as the secondary goals. Among other things, link and network formation are of the most important objectives of each collection. This objective is emerged automatically in some clusters while others entail appropriate policy makings.


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