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21:17:45 - 2017/27/04

Cluster development in the fishery and aquaculture industryManagement of fisheries and aquaculture is an issue that has received widespread attention in the literature. The particular concern is the relationship among fishermen, fish farmers, management institution and fish resources.

20:13:50 - 2017/27/04

Cluster Definition and ObjectivesMichael Porter, who is recognized as the founder of industrial cluster Concept, defines the cluster: "Clusters are geographic concentration of interconnected businesses and associated institutions in a particular field"

17:44:11 - 1396/05/02

About usIt's sincerely notified that ‘Bushehr Fisheries processing industrial cluster’ in Iran has formally started its activity with the aim of supporting and getting attraction of participating of cluster members to present fisheries processing products in foreign markets and also cutting out the involvement of middlemen and getting benefit from social capital of cluster members.

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